first posted: April 20, 2002)

updated;  may 12, 2002 (up to Midwest Vans event May 77)

up dated may 18 (up to un-natural act 77)


   My name is Marshall Davidson.  From March 1975 till May 1980, I had a couple of different vans that I used to go a lot of places with.  I recorded a lot of those events.  Many of you were perhaps there as well.  All of the shots were taken by me, unless of course I happen to be in the picture. 

    For the first year I was a member of Oshawa Truck Club.  Then after I went to Bowling Green in 1976, I wanted something different,  so along with Bob Bradburn, I started up Durham Regional Street Vans.  As a club, we went to a lot of events. 

   We used to set up our projector and show about 2000 shots each night.  Those shots were taken by myself and Larry Cryderman.  What you are about to look at, are my shots.  This is an ongoing project as I still have a lot of shots ready to enter, plus I still have a lot of slides to scan.

   The first pages need the captions straightened out, which I will get to eventually.  I have some of the weekend events mixed up.  If you can point out any mix ups, please let me know.  It has been over 25 years for a lot of it.

   I hope it brings you some good memories.